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Evaluating Process Care

Evaluating Process Care

Evaluating Process Care

Choose a process improvement model from Chapter 5 in the Spath textbook, and apply this model to your practice problem.

By Day 4

Post a Discussion entry describing the model that you selected and how each step of the model will be used to develop the plan for the Practice Experience Project. Continue to collaborate with the selected individuals in your practice environment as needed in the development of the Practice Experience Project, and share this information with your group.
Evaluating Process Care

Evaluating Process Care
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Among the models of quality process improvement, there includes Plan Do Study Act by Walter Deming is iterative and is generally used in carrying out change. This cycle maintains the importance of including healthcare practitioners as well as patients in the quest to improve services. This is helpful in the provision of feedback from both ends of the divide. Healthcare practitioners are well aware of the standards of healthcare that they are supposed to be providing. Patients in the same spirit are conscious of top tier service and therefore are not oblivious of misgivings of healthcare institutions. There are three main questions that should be asked in the wake of applying a Plan Do Study Act, what are the objectives? How change be quantified and marked as improvements? What changes will result in definite improvement (Srinivasan & Desai, 2017).
The first stage of the PDSA model is to plan. This is achieved through the assembly of a team which has knowledge of the problem. A diverse composition of personnel from different departments may provide a fair view of the issue at hand. Each member bringing different opinions and perspectives to the table. The team comprises of senior staff from our health institution that provide guidance on what is possible to change and what we cannot alter. Drafting our main statement would be the next endeavor, which is improving patient safety in our clinical institution. Patient injury in psychiatric institutional will be our main agenda as we strategize on how to reduce this occurrence of this problem.
Mental health institutions have put in place measures that put the lives of vulnerable patients at risk (Christoff, 2018). Patients who face complex disorders have high risk of self-harm or initiate chaos within the setting with no sense of remorse. It is worrisome for some behavioral psychologists to ascertain the probability of these events as well as giving the relevant data in the occurrence and the probability of such events. Patient safety in such settings has been a major problem for prospective patients as well as behavioral nurse practitioners. Every patient is vulnerable but mentally ill patients are specifically more disposed to aggressive behavior such as violence, abuse. Sadly, the potential impact of such activities on the physical and emotional health is often not investigated leading to some tragic incidents of suicides and deaths.
Some of the causes of this insecure environment stems from some policies such as isolation or in some cases solitary confinement. This triggers patient to be more violent and to develop suicidal tendencies. The next step as provided by PDSA is studying (Coury et al., 2017). This achieved through collecting data on the problem at hand. Finally Acting.
The best that can be done as healthcare providers it is important that we ensure safe environments where patients feel that they are being cared for through dignified means of privacy and safety It is also important to assess the patients that have indicated that they are at risk of harming themselves and others. We can measure the statistics of these events through reporting such incidents in incident forms. The overall objective of patient safety is the reduction of unsafe acts within the healthcare settings through the use of best practices as well as sound knowledge to obtain patient outcomes that are optimal. This can be done by re-establishing personal control by involving them in decisions about their care and behavior restriction only when necessary.

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Evaluating Process Care

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