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define and describe the physical symptoms, psychological and social responses and its spiritual aspects.

define and describe the physical symptoms, psychological and social responses and its spiritual aspects.

define and describe the physical symptoms, psychological and social responses and its spiritual aspects.


Grief is our human response to the loss of a loved one. Grief can be defined as a complex reaction to separation from or death of an individual and encompasses physical, psychological, social, cognitive and religious responses. Usually it is personalised for each bereaved person and can take many different forms.

Grief is a serious and normal reaction to the loss of someone or something important. It is experienced when death is sudden, shocking, or expected. Some grief reactions are sudden and involuntary; others are intense but not long-lasting; some people express a desire to die; others feel numb and disconnected from life; others experience the tragedy as a new and major stressor that produces a significant increase in emotional arousal.

Grief, according to Dorothy M. Neddermeyer and her colleagues, is an emotion that may be experienced after a person’s significant loss of someone or something one cares about. Grief differs from other emotions in that it is focused on the loss of something (a person, object-thing, or relationship) rather than the fact that something is wrong. It has both a profound physical and psychological effect on one’s well-being and should not be confused with depression as it is a natural response to loss.

Grief is a natural feeling and process that occurs after someone dies. Many things can trigger grief, such as the loss of a loved one or the death of a pet. Grief affects everyone differently and at different times. Here you’ll find information about what to expect when grieving, the different types of grief, and the help available for easing your pain.

Grief has many faces and affects people in different ways. When you lose a loved one, you experience grief. Grief is the emotional suffering that you might experience after a major loss in your life .

Shock, disbelief and denial are common feelings when someone’s life has been affected by illness, injury or death. The physical symptoms of grief vary from person to person, but may include an upset stomach and increased susceptibility to sickness, as well as headaches. These symptoms generally improve over time, providing the grieving individual is able to rest and recuperate at this time. However, a psychological response known as complicated grief can develop when the grieving period is prolonged. Complicated grief usually occurs in people who have lost a spouse or other closely-attached figure, and who have found it difficult to move on meaningfully with their lives.

To cope up with the death of a loved one, people grieve. Grief is a painful and emotional state that last for a long time.

Grief is an emotion that paves the way through the personal and social disruption of any loss. Grief can be described in several ways such as an emotional response to loss, feeling, or sentiment. It could also be defined as distress, sorrow, suffering and pains that comes with a loss. Some of the major reasons for grief include death, separation, rejection and loss of a significant relationship to name but a few. All these serve as a painful experience for anyone who endures it. Loss may be caused by death or being separated from a loved one from either social or physical distance or anything else that is considered undesirable such as loss of employment or money.

Everybody experiences loss in their lives, be it the death of a loved one, a broken relationship or something else. Grief can be normal and natural in just about everybody’s life. However, you should contact your doctor when you experience difficulties to cope with loss. What do you need to know?

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define and describe the physical symptoms, psychological and social responses and its spiritual aspects.

Summarize the types of grief.


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