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Culturally Competent Nursing

Culturally Competent Nursing

Microsoft word document of 4 pages in APA 7th edition, you will describe an interview of a person from a cultural background that is different from your own. Select a person from a cultural group different from your own. You may choose a patient, friend, or work colleague. For the sake of confidentiality, do not reveal the name of the person you interview; only use initials. In your paper, include the following: *A complete cultural assessment using the 12 domains from the Purnell model for cultural competence in your textbook, Transcultural healthcare: A culturally competent approach. * A description of implications for health practices.
Culturally Competent Nursing


Cultural Competent Nursing


Cultural Competent Nursing
Diversity and multiculturalism in healthcare have had a vital role since the 21st century. Cultural competence in nursing has become an integral and significant aspect/component. The Purnell model of cultural competence is termed as an organizing guideline or framework that helps in guiding the cultural competence of different multidisciplinary members in the healthcare team in different setups such as seminary, tertiary and primary settings (Sharifi et al., 2019). the various healthcare systems, healthcare professionals and nurses and other healthcare facilities have been at the forefront in tracking racial and ethnic disparities and multiculturalism diversity in the healthcare sector.
Also, there have been functional campaigns initiated by healthcare organizations and bodies through health journal articles and social media platforms. such campaigns have added to fostering cultural competence among the members. Also, the healthcare professional bodies have helped in setting standards and encouraging initiatives that help members be culturally competent and sensitive. It is vital to highlight that fostering diversity and culture is crucial as it fosters sensitivity among healthcare practitioners about different issues surrounding cultural competence and this assist in bettering healthcare and health in a particular community.
The idea of culture is demanding and complex and it needs the healthcare professionals to examine themselves and those around them such as their colleagues, patients, communities, and their work environments (Purnell, 2021). It is also essential to postulate that culture has a great impact on the community’s health and illness. This indicates that cultural practices and beliefs must be interconnected to the interventions and strategies focused on fostering healthcare.
As indicated by the Purnell Model, some of the purposes include establishing a guideline/framework for the healthcare practitioners by enabling them to comprehend, learn and embrace various cultural attributes and the general concept (Purnell & Fenkl, 2019). This model assists in describing instances that affect personal cultural worldviews in the historical perspective contexts. It also assists in offering a link to the most integral relationship of culture and aids in comprehending the unique ethno cultural environment of a group, family, or individual.
In this assignment, I opted to interview one of my patients. her name is N.K, she is a middle-aged woman of Black American descent who lives in Texas. After expounding the Purnell Model to N.K and what I aimed at achieving from the interview she gladly accepted to participate and gave me full consent.
When I questioned N.K about her heritage, she responded by saying that she is an African from South Africa. She highlighted not spending most of her time in South Africa, but she loves her country because of the conducive weather and unique topography. N.K mentioned that South Africa has vast mountains like Drakensberg mountain which rises above 3,475 meters. She also mentioned that her county has many rivers such as the Limpopo River which is approximately 1,750km and the Orange River which is 2,200 km. N.K also highlighted the unique features of the US which is her nation of residence.
She noted that the United States has amazing works of art by mother nature which include towering dunes, sprawling canyons, picturesque valleys, and huge glaciers. She also mentioned that she moved to the US for further studies and to better her life since the US has great opportunities. Despite South Africa being one of the most developed nations in Africa, there are np vast opportunities as compared to the US, and this inhibits the development of careers. N.K thus opts to be in the US as she is interested in political matters and with a detailed comparison of the United States and South Africa. N.K mentioned that these two nations vary in terms of democracy. South Africa attained its independence in 1776 while the US gained its independence in 1994. The difference between the independence periods or dates is what has made the US make remarkable strides in terms of democracy.
The family organization and strides
N.K mentioned that she upholds family and those who did not get the chance to have a family as they were growing up should have the privilege of having a good family and creating one later in life. N.K believes that the family setup creates a good basis for future relationships which means that families are important sources of encouragement and affection during hard moments. Despite N.K not being married, she anticipates getting a suitable spouse in the future and having kids. According to her, having kids is one of the most fulfilling things in life. She however highlights that she respects the people who choose to remain single as people can make different choices in their lives because of life encounters.
N.K believes that a wife and a husband are equal beings and thus they should have an equal opportunity to enjoy marriage. She however highlights that a man should be the head of his family and that a woman should support the husband to help create a strong foundation for the family so that the children can emulate. This is because when children grow up having witnessed stability in the home they anticipate getting married. However, on gender roles, N.K mentioned that gender roles should not inhibit a family’s growth.
N.K highlighted that she is well conversant with English but she can communicate in other languages like Xhosa which she is not fluent in. she also mentioned on been keen on communication skills to relay the message in the right way to help curb misunderstandings. N.K also believes in upholding effective communication which is determined by how someone relays the message. N.K noted that she is interested in combining non-verbal and verbal cues during communication. N.K believes that one’s body language is vital in all kinds of communication as it assists in breaking the unfamiliarity barrier and helps in creating a better connection with the receiver of the information. Also, communication barriers may impact smooth healthcare provision.
Healthcare practitioners
N.K mentioned that she does not believe in magic- religious and she believes in modern-day healthcare. She also believes that Science has played a vital role in fostering quality healthcare and thus people with health issues should not seek medical help from traditional herbalists. This is because N.K believes that traditional herbalists lack up-to-date equipment to make tests and offer good care and thus they can be cases of misdiagnosis hence affecting the patients’ health in the long run.
Bio-cultural ecology
N.K mentioned that she is diabetic and has been trying to manage this condition since she was 18 years old. She also opened up about the spread of inherited retinal disorders/diseases in her nation of origin (South Africa) which entails characterization of the genetic basis of inherited disorders like blindness. In this case, it is essential to note that without a clear medical history of patients then it would be hard to prescribe medication since they would lack clarity on what kind of medication a patient should be given.
N.K mentioned that she believes in the significance of nutrition and how it can affect one’s health. She also highlighted that suitable nutrition provides one’s body with the required nutrients which are essential for survival and assist the body to remain healthy and function well. N.K also mentioned the significance of micronutrients and macronutrients in improving the immune system. This indicates that having improper nutrition may lead to different health challenges which can lead to costly treatment and management.
Workforce issues
N.K highlighted that she is not different from her colleagues as she has also been faced with challenges in terms of cultural adaptation while trying to catch up with life in the US. She mentioned that she has already created strong bonds in South Africa hence establishing new relationships and bonds in the US was not an easy task. However, she noted that her outgoing, vibrant and open nature made creating relationships easy for her. While in South Africa N.K had learned English hence she did not encounter communication challenges. She however encountered challenges in moving around the United States alone and locating the best housing but due to her fluency in English, this challenge did not last long. In terms of healthcare, the United States is developed as compared to South Africa. She thus noted that the government in South Africa should ensure that set aside more resources in this sector and establish policies that enhance affordability and quality healthcare for all people.

Death rituals
N.K believes that despite the society knowing that everyone will face death someday, death should not she celebrated as the loved ones left behind are left grieving. She however affirms that death rituals in her community are vital as they establish a chance for the society to support the grief-stricken ones. Death creates chaos and confusion as the death rituals carried out comfort the affected ones. Based on N.K tradition (Xhosa), when one dies they should be taken to their place of birth for a decent burial.
Healthcare practices
N.K considers health preventative practices vital and encourages the community to embrace them. She highlighted that despite believing in a divine and higher power that does not inhibit her from seeing medical attention from health practitioners. N.K does not also believe in magical affiliated beliefs and other kinds of beliefs that lack basis. She also discourages self-medication as this could lead to severe health challenges. Lastly, she noted that the older people in the Xhosa community rely on herbs when they are sick but the majority of the younger generations firmly believe in modern medication.
N.K mentioned that she is a Christian and firmly believes in the power of prayers. She also attends church every Sunday to ensure that she connects with God and for spiritual nourishment. In South Africa most people in the Xhosa community are Christians. It is key to mention that strong spirituality might derail one from seeking medical attention and this negatively impacts quality care in the healthcare sector.

Pregnant and childbearing
During the interview, I noted that N.K loves children and despite not having children she hopes to have some in the future. She is currently taking precautionary measures such as condoms and contraceptive pills among other methods to ensure that she does not get pregnant as she believes that taking care of a child can be emotionally and financially draining. N.K mentioned that the majority of females in her community are not well-versed with precautionary measures and this poses challenges to their maternal health.
High-risk traits
N.K admitted to being addicted to smoking a habit she began in her mid-20s. She also mentioned taking alcohol time after time and also using rugs for self-satisfaction. She mentioned that she has tried to seize smoking but she keeps reverting. N.K also admitted to being lazy to cook and this makes her purchase fast foods which increase her calorie intake. She also mentioned that despite not being active in a physical exercise she has enrolled in a gym which she rarely goes to. N.K also mentioned having several sexual partners but trying to use condoms. Engaging with multiple sexual partners is a high-risk behavior that can affect one’s health and need immediate attention. N.K highlighted the need of taking personal responsibility to help maintain good health. She however mentioned having some good behaviors such as wearing a helmet when racing and avoiding over speeding while driving.

Purnell, L. (2021). Journal of Nursing and Researchers. Journal of Nur & Res, 2(5), 66.
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Culturally Competent Nursing

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