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(SOLVED)Creating Your Adult Nursing Identity and Role

(SOLVED)Creating Your Adult Nursing Identity and Role

Creating Your Adult Nursing Identity and Role

The primary goal of this study was to facilitate and maintain effective communication between cancer patients and their nurses. Effective communication is critical because it improves health outcomes and treatment satisfaction (Arbour et al., 2022). This is because it is easier to improve a patient’s health outcomes when they are involved in the decision-making and planning process. This study included 22 patients who were chosen using a purposeful sampling method. A semi-structured interview was used to collect data in four hospitals. These hospitals are located in Tehran, Iran’s capital city, and have the most active and largest cancer wards.

According to the findings of this study, nurses must ensure that communication between nurses and their patients is effective. The researchers also identified the primary theme as humanitarian care (Atashzadeh-Shoorideh et al., 2021). Along with humanitarian care, there are five other categories to consider: patience, honesty, confidentiality, good-naturedness, and empathy. The first category was good-naturedness, which most participants classified as good-temperedness and kindness. They also believed that this category aided in patients’ and nurses’ effective and efficient communication. The second category obtained from the patients who participated was empathy. According to all five categories, humanitarian care promotes better interaction between nurses and their patients.

The topic and research are relevant to nursing because they demonstrate the importance of effective communication between patients and their nurses. It also demonstrates how involving patients in care planning and decision-making improves their health outcomes and, more importantly, their satisfaction during cancer treatment. Cancer is a serious and life-threatening disease with a rapid growth rate. Even if cancer treatment is advanced, better communication between cancer patients and nurses ensures a better health outcome (Schmitz et al., 2019). Nurses are capable of providing victims with very supportive care. This is accomplished by understanding and respecting patients’ needs, ensuring their participation in their treatment process, and treating them equally.

Some patients are difficult to deal with and may be reluctant to speak. This type of situation necessitates a high level of empathy and confidence on the part of the nurses. Poor or no communication may result in a difficult situation that includes a lack of access to the victim’s information, misinterpretation of their information, and a lack of trust. Patients generally believe that nurses spend little time with them and are inept (Alfano et al., 2019). This is the primary reason effective communication is easily noticeable and results in positive outcomes for all victims. Establishing the proper communication channel among cancer patients is essential because it reduces their complications.

Cancer patients frequently believe that they lack adequate information about their illness, which undermines their confidence and leads to depression and anxiety. Victims who are well-informed about their disease and can freely communicate with their doctors have a better chance of receiving better results. Communication is a critical skill that all nurses should have, but it can also be difficult (Chan et al., 2019). Better communication skills necessitate a significant amount of time, reflection, time, and persistence. According to the findings of this study, effective communication can lead to humanitarian care.
Creating Your Adult Nursing Identity and Role

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