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Community Health Pamphlet/Brochure Assignment

Community Health Pamphlet/Brochure Assignment

Community Health Pamphlet/Brochure Assignment
Community health is an important piece of the health care puzzle. During your preceptorship, pay attention to the clients on your assigned floor at your assigned hospital. What information is lacking for these clients? Determine which piece of the health care puzzle you can fill in for them. This will be the topic for your pamphlet; for example, the clients may need more information on HIV or HBV. Make sure that you write the pamphlet at a fifth-grade reading level. You can check readability level at the following website: NUR 2817C Nursing Roles Practicum – Community Health Pamphlet/Brochure Assignmen

Community Health Pamphlet/Brochure AssignmentANSWER

Community Health Pamphlet

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What Is HIV
What do we think when we say HIV? Well, HIV is a virus which targets the immune system of an infected body (Elbe, 2020). HIV (human immunodeficiency syndrome) requires treatment and management failure which leads to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Added information about HIV basics can keep you healthy and reduces transmission.
The main and common way HIV is transmitted is through sexual contact with an infected person. Additionally, HIV can be transmitted through sharing contaminated needles, syringes, and other injecting equipment.

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Risk Factors
• Unprotected sex
• Presence of an STI
• Unsafe blood transfusion • Sharing contaminated sharp objects
• Unsafe injections
• Unsafe tissue transplant

Signs and Symptoms of HIV
HIV symptoms depend on the stage of infection where mostly the manifestation of its symptoms occurs at a later stage. Later, an individual can experience symptoms such as fever, headache, sore throat, rashes, and flu-like symptoms. Failure to treatment leads to symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, weight loss, and cough.
Can be achieved through reduced exposure to risk factors such as condom use, testing for STIs, use of ARVs, testing for tuberculosis, and avoiding unnecessary injections (Prabhu, Harwell, & Kumarasamy, 2019).
The management of HIV involves a combination of three or more antiretroviral drugs (ARV) (Biset Ayalew, 2017). They do not cure the virus but suppress viral replication and boost the immune system.
What to do when you
notice the symptoms
 When one is not sure if they have been infected with HIV, it is good to take a test from a health center to confirm their status. This is essential for HIV spread prevention and starting self-management.
What to do and not to
When infected
 The first thing is to accept one’s condition and take safety measures such as taking the antiretroviral drugs as prescribed, observing a balanced diet, and keeping healthy.
 Ensure not to engage in unprotected sex, sharing injection needles, and sharp objects to avoid spread.

Always keep safe as HIV/AIDS has no cure. Prevention is better than cure

Biset Ayalew, M. (2017). Mortality and its predictors among HIV infected patients taking antiretroviral treatment in Ethiopia: a systematic review. AIDS research and treatment, 2017.
Elbe, S. (2020). Strategic implications of HIV/AIDS. Routledge.
Prabhu, S., Harwell, J. I., & Kumarasamy, N. (2019). Advanced HIV: diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. The Lancet HIV, 6(8), e540-e551.

Community Health Pamphlet/Brochure Assignment

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