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(SOLVED)Community Health Nursing

(SOLVED)Community Health Nursing

For hundreds of years, communities have relied on nurses. Nurses’ expertise in medicine and dedication to providing compassionate patient care is essential during acute sickness, accident, or labor and delivery. Because nurses have such a significant impact on people’s lives, our perception of them can become almost legendary. For instance, Clara Barton, an American Red Cross founder and Civil War medic was called “the angel of the battlefield.”

However, since the nurse’s position became needed in every hospital environment, our knowledge of delivering healthcare has advanced. Healthcare professionals are starting to consider factors more than just an individual’s medical needs, such as how a community’s overall health and safety might result in lower disease rates, longer life expectancies, and fewer accidents.

Numerous nurses have taken on significant roles in this endeavor. Public health nurses, sometimes referred to as community health nurses, seek to enhance population health and lower disease and disability rates. Nursing, social science, and public health expertise are all incorporated into this all-encompassing approach to healthcare. Let’s examine this critical position within the healthcare system in more detail, and the educational requirements community health nurses must meet to be effective.

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A community health nurse is what?
The focus of medical practice in the United States has always been on sickness treatment. The healthcare system steps in to restore a patient’s excellent health when they are ill or damaged. Going to the doctor when you’re sick is entrenched in our minds.

This healthcare delivery system is primarily reactive. Social scientists and healthcare professionals have recently considered a proactive healthcare system. What if medical emergencies that doctors and nurses deal with could be stopped before they happen? What are the underlying reasons for illness and impairment in a population, and how can we eradicate them?

Many books and journal papers about infectious diseases and social determinants of health were published in the early 2000s. Lack of access to care and inherited susceptibilities to illness were found to be less critical risk factors for poor health outcomes than low levels of education, membership in marginalized groups, and signs of poverty. While dealing with these frequently connected problems is undoubtedly tricky, it is evident that progress in healthcare requires a comprehensive approach.

Enter the community health nurse, a profession that strives to improve the health of many people by making every effort to lessen social and environmental causes of illness in a community. Community health nurses are involved in planning, creating policies, and advocating. To promote health outcomes for all, they significantly advance social justice concepts.

Where do nurses for community health work?
Community health nurses serve a variety of people in a variety of settings. Community health nurses may have more or less direct contact with specific community members depending on where they work. Here are five instances of businesses and establishments that rely on community health nurses: 1

1. Community health centers
In this situation, a community health nurse may work directly with individuals to meet their medical needs. Additionally, community health nurses provide educational initiatives and materials on pertinent subjects like contraception, sexual health, and other preventative healthcare. To interact with a more excellent cross-section of the community, community health nurses may work outside the community health center.

2. Institutions for correction
A correctional facility is an environment where many people are housed nearby. Community health nurses in this area frequently strive to stop the spread of contagious diseases. They manage inmate and staff education programs, implement infectious disease control procedures, and collaborate closely with regional and local health agencies.

3. Colleges
Community health nurses can educate students about illness prevention and healthy lifestyle choices in schools. Children with access to this knowledge can live longer and in better health. School-based community health nurses may also assist kids with managing current health issues and step in if they are abused or neglected.

4. Aid providers
Groups employ many community health nurses like Doctors Without Borders or the Red Cross. Similar to the work performed at any community health center, these nurses frequently deal with local issues such as disaster relief, access to clean drinking water, and preventing infectious diseases.

5. Government institutions
Community health nurses employed by governmental organizations often only provide direct patient care. Instead, they focus on developing and implementing policies that will affect many diverse people on a wide scale.

What are some typical duties performed by a community health nurse?
Building communities, promoting health, and enacting policy changes that advance population health are all within the community health nurse’s range of practice. The duties of community health nurses vary based on where they work and the demands of their community because they have such a broad range of responsibilities. In addition to planning and implementing educational programs, researching the social and environmental determinants of health outcomes, and engaging in advocacy, some community health nurses provide routine medical care such as vaccines, screenings, or medication.

How does one become a nurse in community health?
Compared to some registered nursing positions, being a community health nurse often necessitates more education and training. A community health nurse must be well-versed in nursing and grasp social science and public policy.

requisite education
An Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) and passing the NCLEX-RN exam are the minimum requirements for aspiring community health nurses. At the same time, many companies may favor applicants with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
1 Our survey of 2,173 job listings for community health nurses revealed that 61% of vacancies required a BSN or higher. 1 Furthermore, nurses working in community health might consider pursuing a Master’s degree in public health or a comparable subject.
Community Health Nursing
Who are the clients in Community Health nursing?
What government resources might they be eligible for?
What agencies are responsible for those resources?

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