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Chemical Neurotransmission

Chemical Neurotransmission

Chemical Neurotransmission


There are many billions of neurons in the human brain, and these neurons exchange chemical signals with one another. Neurotransmission is the process through which information is sent from one neuron to another through chemical signals. As the name suggests, a neuron is not the only target in neurotransmission. Neuro: “connected to the brain” Transmission: “transfer, the passing” The target can also be another neuron, muscle, or cell. To enable neurotransmission, you require neurotransmitters and their accuracy to act on events precisely. A neuron is made up of three primary components. From the cell body, the axon Close to the cell body is a dendrite. cell body the result of their interaction is neurotransmission. The neurotransmitter interacts with the dendrites of another neuron after being released from the cell (mainly from its axon). They are created in the presynaptic neuron’s ribosomes. Vesicles are used to store them. The cytoplasm of a neuron is where these vesicles are found. Presynaptic neurons allow calcium ions to enter when an action potential reaches the presynaptic terminal. Now, synaptic vesicles join with the presynaptic membrane after calcium ions enter the cell, and neurotransmitter is released into the synaptic cleft. A few protein molecules are activated when a neurotransmitter contacts a post-synaptic neuron’s cell membrane. These protein molecules serve as neurotransmitter receptors.

Chemical Neurotransmission


Chemical Neurotransmission

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