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Certified Nurse Practitioner/  Family Nurse  Practitioner

Certified Nurse Practitioner/  Family Nurse  Practitioner

Certified Nurse Practitioner/  Family Nurse  Practitioner
To summarize, you are asked to develop a PPT on one role/population focus using the guidelines described below. For example, you may develop a presentation on the Certified Nurse Practitioner (role) and Neonatal focus (population focus). Under the ‘notes’ section of each slide, please write your narration. Plan to talk for about 10-15 minutes, which may translate to 10-15 slides. Also, if you use in-text/presentation citations, please include the reference on that slide. The Purdue Online Writing Lab has great resources on how to develop an effective PPT. 6-7pgs

Certified Nurse Practitioner/  Family Nurse  Practitioner

An advanced practice registered nurse can be primarily defined as one who has obtained a post graduate education in nursing.
 An APRN is equipped with not only a didactic as well as a clinical education but deep knowledge as well as skills   in their scope of practice 
.Nurse Practitioners operating at this level may choose to work as either specialists or  in a general capacity 
The objectives of this presentation is to 
             I. To   Outline the specialist APRN role 
             II. To describe the competencies of the role 
             III.To  evaluate the respective challenges as well as the future of this role

A Family nurse practitioner has the primary responsibility of continually providing healthcare that is comprehensive for the individual as well as the family across all ages and genders. This, mode of care also referred to as primary care reinforces a more holistic approach of the nature of health. This is with an emphasis to the prevention of disease  and the promotion of health. 

Family nurse practitioners FNP’s are useful in delivering a variety of acute, chronic as well as healthcare services that are preventive.  Besides diagnosis and the treatments of sick conditions, they offer preventive care which comprises of routine checkups, health risk assessments, immunization as well as screening tests. This also includes nutritional counselling on healthy lifestyles. They can work independently or under a physician depending with the respective states .    

These are requirements defined, set, agreed upon by the national nurse organizations. In other words these are the basic knowledge a nurse practitioner os required to have before being fully established RN.  These competencies apply to all nurse practitioners despite their medical specialty or patient population focus. They comprise of the following 

Scientific foundations
Practice inquiry
Technology and information literacy
Health delivery system
Independent practice
Independent practice competencies – This ensures that a nurse practitioner can function as a licensed independent one.  Defined further as an individual with a scientific knowledge base who are permitted to provide care and services without supervision. This scientific knowledge base encompasses the assessment, treatment and diagnosis of individuals and families.    
Health delivery competencies is also important in reference to planning, development and implementation of public health programs. This is also important in organizational decision making
Technology and information literacy competencies – Information literacy is defined as the usage of digital technology communication tools  to manage, integrate and evaluate information.   

he APRN faces issues and challenges when providing health care services to the patients. The case of family nurse practitioners they face various issues and challenges as they continue with their practice. The issues and challenges are as follows
Primary care gap – can lead to an increased burden on shoulders of nurse practitioners. The primary care gap has surfaced from the events including Affordable Care Act, new education requirements for the nurse practitioners and increasing clinical complexity in the patient populations. 
Legislative changes – these changes can impact the role of family nurse practitioner at any time. Any alterations could not only impact workload of the family nurse practitioners but also scope of their work. 
Scope of practice restrictions – the biggest issue that is faced by the nurses here is the scope-of-practice restrictions. These rules determine what the nurse practitioners allowed to do, state licensing agencies, come from the Medicaid agencies as well as individual health care facilities. 

Certified Nurse Practitioner/  Family Nurse  Practitioner

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