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Big Five Personality Factors and Facets

Big Five Personality Factors and Facets

Big Five Personality Factors and Facets

Review the section in Chapter 13 titled “In Search of the Big Five” (pgs. 381 – 392) as well as the article “Big Five Personality Factors and Facets as Predictors of Openness to Diversity” (Han & Pistole, 2017).
Select one of the Five-Factors and discuss how this factor relates to an open attitude toward diversity as related to Costa and McCrae’s Five-Factor Model of Personality?
Big Five Personality Factors and Facets


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Big Five Personality Factors and Facets
Individual’s differences concerning characteristics such as the way of thinking, feeling, and behaving, is what the American Psychology Association refers to as Personality. (“Journal of personality and social psychology – APA publishing | APA,” 2018)Personality can be a broad and complex subject; many theories have been formulated in an attempt to describe what it is all about. Robert McCrae and Paul Costa are one of the theories that made an attempt and developed the Big Five Personality, also known as the Five-Factor Model of Personality. It is a global theoretical frame used in grouping individuals according to their personality traits. The five factors in the model have facets that are more detailed and correlated to the factor-traits.
The model has been found to give insight to research psychologists in understanding more about different personality traits and can explain behavioral tendencies with these traits. Therapists have found this model to be constructive when dealing with clients that have personality disorders. The Five-Factor model tool has rated the following features as aspects of human personality: extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, openness to experience, and conscientiousness (Suejung Han & M.Carol Pistole, 2017).
Extraversion has been found to be in individual traits such as outgoing, talkative, energetic, and vigorous, also known as extroverts. Those that are reserved or love solitude are called introverts. Neuroticism is personality measured on the level of emotional stability. Over thinking, anxiety and worry are found in individuals with high levels of neuroticism. Agreeableness: People with this trait have been more likable, work well with others in teams, and are always willing to help out where there is a need. Disagreeable individuals are found to be less compassionate and act more towards self-centered activities. The other personality factor is Openness to Experience: Innovation of new things, learning new experiences, imagination and creativity are found in people with this personality trait. Such people are more drawn to music, traveling, and artistry. Those with low openness levels have been found to be suspicious of new beliefs and ideas. Conscientiousness is the personality trait that defines people who are more efficient and well organized. They are more aware of their behavior and goal-oriented.
Openness to Experience Attitude in relation to Diversity
People with high levels of openness experience personality traits are found to be more drawn to liberalism, alternative lifestyles and do not advocate for stereotypical thinking. People with this personality may have a positive attitude towards diversity. Diversity in psychological context refers to acceptance and respect of human characteristics in their ethnic, cultural, historical, and Socio-ecological differences. It also includes understanding that every individual, community, tribe, or family has their unique traits.
A recent review researched the impact of personality attitudes towards diversity in the workplace. According to the findings, Big Five Factor traits were found to have a positive outlook on embracing diversity. People with openness to experience personality traits had a higher level, followed by Agreeables. (Sparkman et al., 2019) Openness to experience embraces diversity more due to their characteristics of loving new things.
Ignoring Agreebles has proven to be difficult due to their willingness to helping others. They are found to be more supportive and have a stronger attitude when it comes to diversity. People with this personality trait are more empathetic with individuals experiencing diverse problems. In conclusion: Diversity plays a big role where personality is concerned therefore all personalities should have a positive attitude in order to encourage oneness.

Journal of personality and social psychology – APA publishing | APA. (2018).
Suejung Han & M.Carol Pistole. (2017). Big Five Personality Factors and Facets as Predictors of Openness to Diversity, The Journal of Psychology. 151(8):752-766 DOI: 10.1080/00223980.2017.1393377
Sparkman, D. J., Eidelman, S., Dueweke, A. R., Marin, M. S., & Dominguez, B. (2019). Open to diversity: Openness to experience predicts beliefs in multiculturalism and colorblindness through perspective taking. Journal of Individual Differences, 40(1), 1-12. doi: 10.1027/1614-0001/a000270.

Big Five Personality Factors and Facets

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