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behavioral health agencies

behavioral health agencies

behavioral health agencies


Throughout New Mexico there are different types of behavioral health agencies that
offer services to the various populations that exist across the state. Populations can range from
adolescents to elderly. In northern New Mexico, there is an agency that is dedicated to helping
at-risk youth and adults, Taos Behavioral Health. This behavioral health agency was founded in
2004. Focusing on family and rebuilding a foundation. “Taos Behavioral Health provides
comprehensive behavioral health services to individuals, families, and groups to support them in
developing positive behaviors and making life-affirming choices” (TBH, 2021). The Taos
Behavioral Health center focuses better decision-making skill and choices. By implementing new
ways to think, react, or feel, they are basically teaching them new skills that they will carry for a
They offer preventative services offered to both youth and adults. The services that are
offered to the youth are preventative towards social issues that may arise. They offer services
such as in-school counseling, “family Mundo”, SUCCESS, youth camp, gang resistance, and
“art of nonviolence”. In-school counseling is a service that is offered to adolescents and teens.
Familia y Mundo is an after-school program that offers help with homework, individual and
group counseling, and physical fitness. The SUCCESS center offers group and individual
therapy to boys, girls, and LGBQT.
Youth camp is offered during summer and holidays. There are two different age groups.
Gang Resistance is Powerful, or GRIP for short is a program that offers youth the emotional and
social skills needed to avoid participating in gang activity. Through this program they learn anti-
bullying techniques and encourages students to engage more in sports or other after school
programs. Lastly, the Art of Nonviolence is program that allows youth to turn their negative
emotions into positive actions, such as creating art. The students who participate in the program
do have their art displayed at the Taos Center for Art. These programs help keep the youth
informed and aware of what could potentially happen as they get older. Teaching them
The services that they offer for adults are family counseling, couples counseling,
nonviolence awareness classes, supervised visitation, and restorative parenting. The programs are
designed to help re-establish a foundation for a family or individual who has been dealing with
stress. With the many different counseling services, they are able to offer help to different
populations. The nonviolence awareness classes are offered to families who are court ordered
and are dealing some type of major life crisis, such as divorce, conflict, or custody cases. This
program offers support to mainly domestic violence victims. Taos Behavioral Health offers
supervised visitation for the non-custodial parent to have. And lastly, restorative parenting helps
the parent and child rebuild and strengthen their relationship, this could be due to trauma that had
Some issues that may affect the services that are offered by this agency can include
funding, insurance changes, and economic changes. 70% of their funding is spent on their at-risk
youth. If the funding of this program goes underway there will be youth who will not utilize the
services offered. A community is reliant upon the programs and services this agency has to offer.
New insurance policies and/or state legislations could potentially affect the cost of these
programs. TBH already has a “sliding scale/fee” in place that offers a discounted price depending
upon poverty level and household size. The economy going down could cause more people to
lose jobs and wind up in poverty. Although they are able to help some people, all the services
cannot be discounted or free
Mental health is important. “Communities are developing and implementing prevention
interventions across the life cycle” (Romano, 2015). And as we move forward in life, more and
more people are beginning to realize that it is just as important and physical health. Bringing the
awareness of mental health to the people who need it most, making the programs more accessible
to those who identify as a special population and creating an affordable program is what Taos
Behavioral Health has done for northern New Mexico


different types of behavioral health agencies that
offer services to the various populations that exist across the state
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