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Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology: Immigration Policies and Practices

Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology: Immigration Policies and Practices

Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology: Immigration Policies and Practices

Main Discussion Post

In this Discussion, you will consider ways cross-cultural psychology can inform appropriate immigration public policy and practices as an example of how principles of cross-cultural psychology apply in everyday life.

Post an explanation in which you do the following:
• Analyze how cross-cultural psychology can positively influence policies and practices regarding immigration. Provide specific examples from the Week 6 Learning Resources and any additional resources you researched.

• Respond to this quote from Working With Immigrant-Original Clients: An Update for Mental Health Professionals (APA, 2013, p. 6): “The negative consequences of living with prejudice should be an issue of grave concern for psychologists.” Explain at least two of those consequences and, based on the Learning Resources, what psychologists can do in support of immigrants.

Note: Be sure to support the responses within your initial Discussion post (and in your colleague reply) with information obtained from the assigned Learning Resources, including a reference list for sources used. For information regarding how your Discussion will be evaluated, please review the grading rubric located in the Course Information area of the course.
Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology: Immigration Policies and Practices

Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology: Immigration Policies and Practices
Question 1
What happens to people when they attempt to live in a different cultural environment, and how can they completely eradicate the factors that make it hard for them to do so? These problems are quickly addressed by cross-cultural psychology. Furthermore, cross-cultural psychology aids policymakers and researchers in comprehending the complicated relation between cultural assimilation styles, personality, and consequences. It inspires them to create more effective immigrant-appropriate interventions, create support networks, and enhance immigration policies and procedures (Widiger et al., 2013). Immigrants, in fact, frequently face cultural clashes. As a result, developing and implementing immigration practices and policies that can assist immigrants in managing their cultural shock is highly desirable.
Furthermore, these policies may be helpful in the development of effective cross-cultural adjustment. For example, when the United States, Japan, and China incorporated cultural learning strategies into their migration policy, migrant workers and immigrant-receiving communities saw positive changes in their socio-cultural conduct (Association, American Psychiatric, 2013). Furthermore, it increased the rate of educated immigrants, one of these nations’ most important assets.
Question 2
Prejudice has a negative impact not only on individuals and groups but also on the entire community. When community members conform to prejudice against a set of people, that group’s freedom and fair treatment may be harmed (Dash, 2020). Furthermore, by holding prejudiced beliefs, people avoid having perceptions to help them grow. As a result, prejudice can have a negative impact on societal development. Since the goal of psychology is to maintain a healthy society, the adverse effects of living with bias should be a significant issue for psychologists (Shiraev & Levy, 2020).
One of the most severe repercussions of prejudice are: In most nations, students with an immigrant background score lower on exams and leave college earlier than local students. It usually happens because locals, such as educators, are prejudiced against them (Grüttner et al., 2018). Furthermore, due to such discrimination, numbers of migrants develop psychological problems. Psychologists can help people evade such irrational behavior by spreading cross-cultural consciousness throughout society (Association, American Psychiatric, 2013). Furthermore, they may assist the immigrants by holding therapeutic programs and seminars. Similarly, they can assist policymakers in developing and implementing effective immigration laws. Such policies foster a positive environment for immigrants, allowing them to achieve their full potential (Baranowski & Smith, 2018).

Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology: Immigration Policies and Practices

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