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(SOLVED)American Nurses Can Participate in Scholarly Activities

(SOLVED)American Nurses Can Participate in Scholarly Activities

American Nurses Can Participate in Scholarly Activities

Currently, nurses in the United States of America have access to a diverse range of scholarly activities. It is necessary to state that such engagements boost medical personnel’s competitiveness and competency in specific areas of knowledge and make them aware of certain issues that must be addressed in the country. I have chosen to attend the 20th Global Nursing Education Conference, which will be held in New York (March 21-23, 2018).

The conference’s main theme will be “Current Challenges and Innovations in Nursing Education.” Professional doctors and nurses with extensive experience in narrow education will deliver speeches addressing the most pressing issues in medicine and health promotion. All medical workers who are interested in and want to contribute to eliminating study issues among their colleagues and implementing innovative technologies in colleges and hospital settings are the target market for this activity (Bradshaw & Hultquist, 2017). This scholarly activity will benefit me because I will be more competent in teaching younger nurses and can recommend specific solutions to my colleagues who have difficulty educating their students.

The list of bullet points below is intended to identify the primary issues that the selected scholarly activity (Nursing Education Conference) is intended to address:

To demonstrate how new technologies can be applied in nursing education.
To identify the critical issues in nursing education
To offer solutions to the issues above
Because new practices are used in hospital settings and the medical environment, nursing students face a lack of innovative learning techniques and technologies. As a result, graduates must be taught these methods before they begin working. Some of the knowledge taught in colleges and universities is out of date. As a result, the educational program requires some enhancements. After participating in the scholarly activity chosen in the given paper, any nurse could understand what should be changed in classes and educational institutions.
The bullet points below will determine several solutions for the current educational environment that the nursing conference is expected to offer. The final sentence will identify a viable solution to the problem raised in the preceding paragraph.

Students will be shown new nursing technologies (Button, Harrington, & Belan, 2014)
removing outdated educational methods from the current program
removing various uncertainties from classroom materials
educating students on how to use new technologies in a rational and appropriate manner
Purchasing cutting-edge electronic devices for use in hospitals and schools. The new equipment must have an impact on and improve various healing methods.
The conference’s objectives and goals include increasing educators’ awareness of their new professional practices and advancing innovative nursing methods (O’Connor & Andrews, 2015).

Attending the discussed scholarly activity will assist me in growing as a nurse by teaching me the methodologies and equipment that must be used in educational processes to make students more prepared for their jobs than they were previously. This will drastically reduce the time it takes newcomers to adjust and gain enough experience to work as independent nurses in hospitals after graduation.

Addressed Program Competencies
The following list will enumerate some of the nursing education conference’s program competencies:

Nursing education skills and knowledge of new technologies
A better understanding of the nursing environment; students’ faster adaptation to their working conditions
Professional schools’ understanding of what needs to be improved.
American Nurses Can Participate in Scholarly Activities

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