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(SOLVED)AKI Challenges and Opportunities

(SOLVED)AKI Challenges and Opportunities

AKI Challenges and Opportunities

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a frequent medical emergency characterized by a sudden and fast loss in renal function, resulting in metabolic waste product buildup and electrolyte abnormalities. Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from AKI, which is linked with severe morbidity and death, especially in critically sick patients. This article overviews the obstacles and prospects in treating AKI, emphasizing the significance of early identification and the difficulty of targeting vascular stability in AKI.AKI Challenges and Opportunities

Early identification is crucial in the therapy of AKI since it may help prevent the illness from progressing to more severe stages and lower the risk of death. Zhang et al. (2019) discuss the current approaches to early detection, including the use of biomarkers such as serum creatinine and urine output, as well as novel biomarkers such as kidney injury molecule-1 (KIM-1) and neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin, in their article “The importance of early detection in stopping acute kidney injury” (NGAL). They suggest that, although these biomarkers have shown promise in the early detection of AKI, further research is required to demonstrate their clinical value and create standardized methods for their usage.

Another difficulty in AKI therapy is achieving vascular stability. In their paper “Challenges of Targeting Vascular Stability in Acute Kidney Injury,” Basile and Sutton (2016) examine the complicated interaction between hemodynamics and the renal microvasculature in the pathophysiology of AKI. They claim that whereas conventional AKI therapeutic strategies have focused on restoring renal perfusion, these therapies may be inadequate when the microvasculature is damaged. According to the authors, innovative methods of AKI care may need direct targeting of the microvasculature, such as using medicines that increase vascular stability and decrease inflammation.

Kellum and Chawla (2019) offer a complete assessment of the obstacles and potential in treating AKI in their paper “Acute kidney injury: Challenges and Opportunities.” They emphasize the significance of early detection, stating that “time is kidney” and that even little delays in diagnosis and treatment may severely affect patient outcomes. The authors also emphasize biomarkers’ function in early detection and the necessity for defined guidelines for their usage in clinical practice. AKI Challenges and Opportunities

Kellum and Chawla (2019) emphasize the significance of understanding the pathophysiology of AKI, namely the involvement of inflammation and renal microvasculature. They believe that treatments targeting these pathways can improve AKI outcomes, and they address the potential advantages of innovative techniques like extracorporeal therapies, stem cell therapy, and machine learning.

In conclusion, AKI remains a severe clinical issue that necessitates a multimodal strategy to care that involves early identification, focused therapies to restore hemodynamics and promote vascular stability, and a better knowledge of the disease’s etiology. Although advances in the creation of biomarkers and innovative treatments have been achieved in recent years, further research is required to demonstrate these techniques’ clinical efficacy and find new targets for AKI therapy. AKI Challenges and Opportunities


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AKI Challenges and Opportunities

(1) Read” Acute kidney injury: Challenges and opportunities “article then the two additional articles ( Challenges of targeting vascular stability in acute kidney injury & The importance of early detection in stopping acute kidney injury)

2. After you’ve read the 3 articles (attached) provide an un plagiarized summation of at least 500 words. Include all 3 references. Use APA format throughout the document.

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